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Natural Gos’s (a professional center comprising canine education and training as well as clinical ethology for dogs and cats) facilities are located in an extraordinary place surrounded by nature, just 30 minutes away from Barcelona by car. You and your dog will be able to work in an open green area enclosed by a forest.

This space dedicated to socialization, sports and learning is open to anyone who wishes to join our multiple activities and courses, or take part in the different events that we arrange on a frequent basis. Natural Gos is a place where you and your pet will find everything you need to learn and have fun together.

It is the perfect space to socialize, make new friends, train and practice different sports, such as French Ring in The Ring Factory, Obedience in OCI BCN or Disc Dog with The Frisbee Division.




Our comfortable wooden cabin is the perfect setup for our clinical ethology consultations, since itisa safe and comfortable environment for your dog or cat. Dozens of people are welcomed into our office every day to address any kind of behavioral problem

Mariona Monrós, a certified veterinarian in animal behavior, explains to her clients in a clear and concise manner the recommended guidelines to help owners understand their pet better. She also teaches how to carry out the different exercises in order to achieve the best results. Our approach is always respectful and honest, anditis focused on preserving the animal’s well-being and yielding efficient results.

Wuestra atención es siempre respetuosa y honesta, enfocada en el bienestar animal y basada en la ética profesional.

Consultorio de Etología
Consultorio de Etología

We also have a bar as a meeting place to have a drink, storage area for dog crates, a large parking space and bathrooms.Our future educational space to host Courses and Seminars, supported by technology and visual aids to facilitate learning, is currently a work in progress. We hope to build a complete and fully equipped space to welcome other professionals and people interested in knowing more about the world of canine and feline behavior soon. At the moment, we conduct training seminars outdoors with canopies or in facilities kindly lent by the Cànoves City Hall.

Our facilities include everything so that both pet and owner feel comfortable and well looked after. Additionally, we have a cleaning area where the owner can bathe their dog after a sports session, if deemed necessary.

Bar de Natural Gos
Bar de Natural Gos
Take a look at some of the recent activities held at Natural Gos.

Recent Events

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Veterinaria para Adiestradores

Bloque 1: Neurofisiología y endocrinología de la conducta.

Bloque 2: Patologías que causan problemas de comportamiento.

Bloque 3: Veterinarios y educadores caninos: terapia multifocal.

Resolución de casos clínicos por parte del alumnado.

El objetivo es que el alumnado sea capaz de realizar:

Obtención de información necesaria.
Diagnóstico diferencial.
Tratamiento del problema:
Utilización de terapias biológicas, sí, no y porqué.
Técnicas de modificación de conducta.

When will it take place?

  • May 28th
  • in Lleida

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Who teaches it?

Mariona Monrós

Visit her curriculum vitae

Graduate Veterinary by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
GPCert in Animal Behavior by the European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies