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Early training for puppies

The first three months are critical in the training and adaptation of a puppy in its new home.

We know that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

Don’t wait until the problems start! Join the preventative behavioral program for puppies and kittens at Natural Gos.

What willmy dog learn?

Puppy classes are fun and lively sessions where all members of the family can attend, and inwhich your puppy will learn to:

  • Socialize

    Socialize with other dogs and people: your puppy will develop confidence and learn to get used tomany people at once, noises, other dogs, children, new stimuli…

  • Obedience

    Learning the basic obedience commands.

  • Veterinary visits

    Learning to enjoy the visits to the veterinarian (so that future vet visits willnotbe traumatic for anyone, including the dog).

  • Good behavior

    Teaching them to stay at home alone.

  • Proper hygiene behavior

    Learning todo their business outside.

  • Norms of living together

    Learning bite inhibition.

Natural Gos - Clases de Obediencia para Cachorros

Helping to prevent behavioral problems.

Learn howto train your dog and raise itinan appropriate manner.

For puppies between 2 and 5 months of age

Improve your relationship with your dog from the very beginning!
Upcoming Events (Sliding Panel)

Veterinaria para Adiestradores

Bloque 1: Neurofisiología y endocrinología de la conducta.

Bloque 2: Patologías que causan problemas de comportamiento.

Bloque 3: Veterinarios y educadores caninos: terapia multifocal.

Resolución de casos clínicos por parte del alumnado.

El objetivo es que el alumnado sea capaz de realizar:

Obtención de información necesaria.
Diagnóstico diferencial.
Tratamiento del problema:
Utilización de terapias biológicas, sí, no y porqué.
Técnicas de modificación de conducta.

When will it take place?

  • May 28th
  • in Lleida

Consulta más información sobre este seminario.

Who teaches it?

Mariona Monrós

Visit her curriculum vitae

Graduate Veterinary by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
GPCert in Animal Behavior by the European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies