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How can you figure out what you and your dog need to improve your relationship and live a healthy, daily life?
If you are interested in dog training, consider taking a look at the resources that we have created in order to help you identify the differences between veterinary clinical ethology for dogs and cats, canine education and dog training as well as the benefits of each specialty.

Clinical Ethology for Dogs and Cats

Ethology is the scientific and objective study —supported by years of investigation and experiments— of non-human animal behavior. Clinical Ethology, as interpreted by Natural Gos, is the veterinary area concerned with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of behavioral problems. Given the importance of its analytical value and preventive nature, arranging a consultation prior to the application of behavior modification guidelines is a must.

Get to Know your Pet Better, Thanks to Our Ethologist

Dog Training and Education

Your dog’s education should be an early and continuous process, backed up by knowledge and skills that humans should use to facilitate learning every time your dog is exposed to different stimuli or experiences. In other words, your job is to teach them how to behave. The first step to a better education starts with the owners themselves, as they learn about their dog’s temperament and needs, what their mental processes are like and how humans should react to their instinctive behaviors. Consequently, the physical, cognitive and emotional well-being of both owner and pet will not be put at risk.


Training Groups

If your dog has an educational basis and you wish to reinforce your obedience skills, or have fun together performing basic and advanced tricks to strengthen your bond while spending time together, we recommend you to join one of our training groups aimed at the general public. These group activities are perfect for socializing -both for you and your dog! You will have the opportunity to meet more people that are passionate about their pets. Additionally, you will have the chance to observe how other people perform with their dogs, which will also help you advance further in your training. Needless to say, our experts in dog training will be guiding you along the way.


Behavior Modification

As its name implies, this method requires a change, perhaps after the initial educational process of your dog or cat. We believe that the eradication of a behavior regarded as annoying, aggressive, or affecting the animal’s daily life and well-being should be analyzed, diagnosed and treated with the help ofan expert in animal behavior. Above all, one should think about the animal ability to adapt to a lifestyle even before considering having a pet. In many cases, a lack of vision or analysis of the owner’s environment and habits leads to neglect or abuse.


Consult our experts

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information or still have doubts about any of the areas mentioned above.
If we have succeeded in answering your questions and you wish to hire any of our services, we recommend you to book an appointment at our facilities or at home.

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Motivated professionals

A team that is willing to get to the root of the problem and deal directly with your dog while you learn

We’ve helped hundreds of clients and their pets to improve their relationship and daily life!
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Veterinarian Specialized in Clinical Ethology

At Natural Gos, our clinical ethology consultations are run by a veterinary certified in animal behavior, equipped with the latest knowledge and know-how to reach a reliable diagnosis.
Adiestramiento Canino Natural Gos

A specialized, multidisciplinary team

Our team of specialists and our ethologist will offer you their support after an efficient and professional diagnosis has been reached. We are here to help, whether your goal is to modify or fix a behavior, reinforce habits and obedience, improve your relationship or learn new ways to enjoy your daily life with your pet (through motivational sports, for instance).
Adiestramiento Canino Natural Gos

Plenty of leeway to support and motivate our clients

We organize different group activities and sports to encourage socialization, as well as tailor-made sessions for any kind of dog and cat in a flexible schedule to the public to promote attendance and consistency. We also offer consultation services, education and training sessions at home.

We are always willing to get a step further to ensure your dog’s well-being! Your pet deserves thebest from us.

We have real life experience with different breeds and traits under a wide range of stimuli and environments.


Cases by Type of Services

Here you will find several real life cases from clients that have trusted Natural Gos to address diffe-rent behavioral problems and to find solutions that are best adapted to their situation. Head over to our Success Stories page to learn more! Different Success Stories.
Upcoming Events (Sliding Panel)

Veterinaria para Adiestradores

Bloque 1: Neurofisiología y endocrinología de la conducta.

Bloque 2: Patologías que causan problemas de comportamiento.

Bloque 3: Veterinarios y educadores caninos: terapia multifocal.

Resolución de casos clínicos por parte del alumnado.

El objetivo es que el alumnado sea capaz de realizar:

Obtención de información necesaria.
Diagnóstico diferencial.
Tratamiento del problema:
Utilización de terapias biológicas, sí, no y porqué.
Técnicas de modificación de conducta.

When will it take place?

  • May 28th
  • in Lleida

Consulta más información sobre este seminario.

Who teaches it?

Mariona Monrós

Visit her curriculum vitae

Graduate Veterinary by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
GPCert in Animal Behavior by the European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies